You can browse all of the sacred geometry mandalas I have made thus far on my Gallery page:

Download the mandalas for free from Google Drive. You can use them any way you'd like for personal use!

Hi everyone! Welcome to my website! I love making stuff, and I have trying my hand at creating sacred geometry mandalas. I am self-taught at everything I do, so I make a few mistakes here and there. Overall, I'm very pleased with how these mandalas turned out. You can download them for free from my Google Drive. You can then use them as a phone/computer wallpaper or print them out and frame them. Feel free to use them any way you'd like for personal use. The sky's the limit! I'm also uploading them to Redbubble for anyone who wants a professional print done at a printing facility. Thus, I'm not able to offer free commercial use license for my art since I'm also selling them and it would complete with my own POD products. I hope you like them! Have a great day! Virtual hugs